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16 pack Raspberry


Discover Raspberry Flavoured Salty Lips, a lush blend of sweet and tart that transports you to Queensland’s sun-soaked raspberry fields. This alcoholic seltzer offers a taste of summer with every sip. Delight in the light, crisp sparkle of Raspberry Flavoured Salty Lips and add a burst of fruity refreshment to your social scene.

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Salty Lips Seltzer, carefully crafted in Queensland, is a refreshing dance of effervescence and invigoration. Each sip of our alcoholic sparkling seltzer introduces your palate to a subtle symphony of natural flavours, underscored by a delightful lightness and clarity. It delivers a unique quenching experience that keeps you social, no matter the occasion.

Every flavour variation of Salty Lips offers a unique twist on our signature crisp seltzer, presenting an exciting palette of natural essences that elevate the tasting experience. Our carefully balanced blend of clear alcohol, effervescent seltzer, and a splash of natural flavours make each sip a refreshing adventure. Discover the difference you can taste with Salty Lips Seltzer, and season your social life with a splash of vibrant refreshment.


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